December 2, 2010

No Progress

Well, not much progress has been made on the Christmas presents.  This is the one year I'm seriously lagging behind.
I was 'childless' tonight, I didn't pick up Matthew and Jessica.
So I went home and washed the curtains/shades in the computer/sewing room.  I had bought some fabric I really liked at a garage sale (of course), and I've been saving it for a special purpose.  Which just didn't come along until tonight.  And I decided I was the special occasion and I covered the washed fabric shades (from Ikea) with the saved fabric ---  I think I like it, see for yourself:
One curtain/shade covered

And on the left/top is the original curtain, on the bottom right the replacement.  Unabashedly romantic.

Oh, and the header photo is a photo I took three years ago (!) in Colmar, France.  A truly romantic place to visit a Christmas Market for sure!

1 comment:

  1. Naja, Wihnachten ist noch weit. Du hast doch noch Zeit, die Geschenke zu fertigen und zu verpacken.
    Du warst doch schon so fleißig.
    Am freien Tag neue Vorhänge, sehr schön, die gefallen mir.
    Wir haben am Sonntag hier bei uns rund um die Kirche unseren eintätigen Weihnachtsmarkt.
    Colmar ist wohl zu weit für einen Tagesausflug.