December 17, 2010


It was time to bake the spekulatius, a thin spice cookie.  I made the dough yesterday morning, but couldn't bake it, since it had to have some refrigerator time.  When I came home last night, it was very solid, since there is a lot of butter in it.  So I left it on the counter overnight, and baked this morning.
No, I do not have a spekulatius mold, I just used my springerle roller.  Since it's homemade, I figured it didn't matter.  If I really like the cookies, I'll invest in a spekulatius mold.

Somewhat a distant cry from the usual windmill cookies, but that's all right.  One trick I read, which really helped, was to put cornstarch on the rolling pin instead of flour.  Worked like a charm!  I had tried the rolling pin before, but got discouraged, with the cornstarch - no problem.
I'm not a huge fan of roll-out cookies.  I don't think the dough stays nice, it has to be worked too much,  and that was one of the reasons the cookies aren't perfect, I was going for taste more then looks.

1 comment:

  1. Och, die sehen doch gut aus. So eine Rolle habe ich ja noch nie gesehen, aber offensichtlich geht es auch damit.
    Ich würde sofort reinbeißen. Ich glaub, mein Vater tat Hirschhornsalz rein,ansoonsten weiß ich nichts mehr von den Zutaten.
    Ach, cornstarch ist Stärkemehl auch Kartoffenstärke genannt.
    Wenn du dann Model(s) hast, wow, das wird ein Spaß.
    Der Teig sieht aber genauso aus, wie ich ihn in Erinnerung habe...