December 29, 2010


Nicole and Greg and the boys rescued me the day before yesterday.  I also should admit, I lost track of the days.  That happens to me during the holidays.
Anyway, the snow started on Sunday, and ended Monday morning.  With a huge mess all over.  I wasn't going anywhere.  Went out and shoveled a bit, and went back in and wondered how one person living by herself in a house could make a such a mess.  And doesn't anyone ever clean up?  Question for the new year.

Anyway, toward evening on Monday, Nicole and Greg showed up with the boys and the snow plow attached to the truck, and Greg plowed me out.  Whoo hoo!

And then they took me home with them.  We had plans for the next two days.  We did go to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx for the train exhibit, and had a great time.
 The Conservatory

Kennedy Airport, TWA building, with a concorde in front.  New this year, and totally awesome.
the Conservatory
This is the old Yankee Stadium, part of the train show, everything made from seeds, bark, nuts, twigs, etc.

The Brooklyn Bridge - the whole thing is just amazing
The little red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.
.And the gingerbread house in the Children's section of the gardens
On the way home, the bridge over the East River:

 It reminds me of an erector set.
And from the George Washington Bridge, lower level:

This is looking north, toward the Tappan Zee Bridge. From the car window, but what a view!

We did not, however, go to the city today.  I thought about it, and to go to Manhattan the day after a snowfall was very tempting, but having a baby in a carriage and a three-and-a-half year old in tow would have been a little too hard.  I've been in Manhattan when the snow had fallen.  Yes, the sidewalks are clean, but forget about the intersection when you have to hop across huge puddles!  So we decided to just go shopping.  Which was fine!  This way Greg, who had to work today, didn't feel left out either.  Some other time we'll go into the city, and we'll enjoy it.

I got to see the brothers play with each other:
 Jackson reading a book to Evan.  

 And Evan grabbing Jackson by the ears, totally happy to see his brother.


  1. Das ist ja toll da im Botanischen Garten. Sind die Stützen der Türen aus Ästen gemacht? - Auf dem 6. Foto?
    Das war ja ein wundervoller Tag für euch, danke für die wunderschönen Fotos, die ja prima zu Vergrößern sind. Das hab ich mit jedem getan.
    Die beiden kleinen Brüder kommen ja so gut miteinander klar, es ist eine Freude, dieses Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl und die Beweise per Bild, Klasse!
    Komm gut ins Neue Jahr 2011 ♥

  2. I thought I commented on this yeaterday...
    Must be the word verification thing. It pops up after I hit post comment and I've already left...
    Anyway, I'm sure I said I love that you get to see all the awesome places and that you share it so I can see it too :)
    Enjoy your new year and keep blogging!

    Now I'll wait for the word thing :(