December 13, 2010

Brotherly love

Yesterday found me in Philadelphia.  A friend and I went to see the Cleopatra exhibit in the Franklin Institute.
We met up with a friend who lives in a Harry Potter type address:
And the house feels fairy tale like.  Small and cozy and lovely.  Just like the person who lives there.
We enjoyed the exhibit and then walked a few blocks to the Christmas market.

The Philly Christmas tree
The Christmas Market was right next to City Hall

Lebkuchen - gingerbread hearts.  In Philadelphia.
Except for the Gluehwein, the Christmas Markets look just like the ones in Europe.
(Miss the Gluehwein, though, and potato pancakes)
 I seem to find things like that.
A crocheted covered pole.
Who thinks of things like that?
and who does it?
 showing off the sad monkey

 lunch at an Irish pub.  I had a salmon BLT with dill mayonnaise.
Who'd have thought?  Good!  

and a huge crocheted black-eyed susan.

The drive was miserable, it was raining all the way.
On the way home we got detoured.  Twice, in the same spot.  First there were some wires down, road closed, the next one, just around the corner, was a car flipped on it's roof.  Road closed as well.  But we managed and got home in good time.
Maybe next weekend I get to see the tree in NYC?


  1. gott sei dank bist du gut heim gekommen!

  2. Hihi, die Reibekuchen und der Glühwein fehlten dir, das glaub ich gern.
    Diese ulkigen Verziehrungen der Pfosten sind ja prima.
    Gottseidank seid ihr heil wieder heimgekommen.

    Danke für die schönen Fotos, hab Spaß gemacht, dich zu begleiten.