December 21, 2010


The photos of the New York Christmas tree will have to wait.  Technical difficulties.  They were shot with a Sony (not compatible with anything) camera, downloaded to an Apple (not compatible with anything) computer, which refused to spit out the DVD they were written on.  And since we're (I'm) good with a PC, but lousy on an Apple, it'll have to wait.

None of my Christmas presents are wrapped.

But that's all right.  Last night I attended Jessica's first piano recital.  She just started playing piano!  Two months ago, if that - amazing.  She was all excited after school and wanted to get changed immediately.  No, the recital wasn't until seven!  So she waited until after supper to start her transformation, and she looked gorgeous:

 At home, after getting dressed
 At church, were the recital was held
 showing her program
the happy performer

So much fun.  She played two songs, remembered to give a deep bow after she was done, and did another piece for us to sing along.  
That was her vision when she started.  For her to play piano and people standing around her singing Christmas songs.  So it is only one or two, but she is working toward it.

And Sunday I spent with two little boys.  One of which wasn't remembering that Santa is watching, along with his elf on the shelf, who reports back to Santa.  And when I told this little boy that I was going to tell his mother that he was being a bad boy, he turned to me and said 'I'll tell Mommy you are a bad Oma!'
Well.  Call me speechless.
 Cute, right? (I mean the baby)
 View from a three-year-old
And I have to show you the giant Santa.  I don't think he could get bigger, right?

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  1. Congratulations to Jessica!
    That's wonderful ♥

    So at Christmas you'll have piano-music and you all may sing Christmas-charols together with the nice music.