December 27, 2010


Post Christmas ---

A blizzard - I'm not kidding - has hit us here on the East Coast.  It's still going on.
My daughter and her family were on one of the last flights out of Newark Airport yesterday around 9 AM, before things started to get shut down.  It didn't start snowing here until about noon time, and then it came down and didn't stop.  I spent the day tucked in, watching TV, puttering around, put up a shelf, and played with my photos.

My cousin from Germany flew from Germany to Chicago on Christmas Day, spent a night there, and she and her husband were supposed to fly to Baltimore yesterday and go on a Caribbean cruise from there.  I wonder if they made it?  Or if they are still stuck in Chicago?

Today I'll dig myself out, and hopefully will be able to drive to Nicole's tomorrow.  We're planning to go to the Botanical Garden in the Bronx, and see the trains.

Hope you are all well, with not too much snow, and enjoying the winter weather!


  1. ich drück die daumen das du es durch den schnee schaffst und nicht alles zum erliegen kommt. ganz viele, weisse grüsse! K&D

  2. Es sieht nicht so gut aus. Bei euch ist nun auch der Schnee angekommen. Und gar nicht wenig.
    Hoffentlich kommen alle eure Leute an ihr Ziel. Und niemand nimmt Schaden.
    Alles Gute - und viel Glück ♥