January 7, 2011

Snow in January

More snow today.  And that's not a  complaint, since snow in January is to be expected.  I still don't like driving in the stuff, and stayed home.  Also, in my defense, up here on the hill it always looks worse.
And a good thing I was home today.  My furnace stopped working.  Which could be due to the fact that I might have run out of oil.  Okay, got oil, and got the furnace fixer to the house.  He's a miracle man - had it up and running in no time.

I'm on my way to Nicole's tonight, after I make sure the house gets warm, since she is alone overnight, and is in pain.  She thought it was a tooth ache, but her dentist said he could find nothing wrong with her teeth.  Maybe a sinus infection.... and to be alone for a couple of days with two little boys and a sinus infection ---  anyway, always a mom. Me.

Jessica had a 'star day' at school today.  I dashed over there, and watched her enjoy it.  It's lovely, all the kids in the class write up a page about the child, put it in a book, the family comes to visit, we have to tell what's special about Jessica, and she gets to show off something important to her.

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