January 4, 2011


I love oranges.  Especially in the winter an orange is part of my day.
I get oranges from an uncle of my husband.  He and his wife are kind enough to send a package of them for Christmas, and usually they are terrific.  And I look forward to the winter oranges all year.
I got my package this year a couple of days before Christmas - blood oranges.  A combination of navel and blood oranges, really.
I don't know what the orange growers who come up with new kinds of oranges are thinking.  These really were bad.  Dry near the stem, the membranes were tough, and not very juicy.  The taste?  Not all that great either.
I ate them, and then needed a new supply.  I bought a gorgeous looking package of what I thought were navel oranges, and they turned out to be the same stupid combination of navel and blood oranges again.  This time from California.  Terrible!  And they weren't old, either, the skin sent out plenty of good-smelling oil, really nice and fresh.  On the inside the disappointing tough mess again.
I'm hoping someone in the orange business googles blood-oranges, or navel oranges and gets the idea.
Stop messing with success, or at least don't try to pawn off your failures to the consumer!


  1. Oha, das ist wirklich enttäuschend.
    Ich kaufe meine Apfelsinen gern auf dem Markt. Da bekomme ich gesagt, z.B. wie die letzten waren: sehr saftig!
    Oh, die waren lecker. Zwar keine Navelfrüchte, aber trotzdem wunderbar.
    Navelfrüchte habe ich oft als trocken empfunden.
    Hoffentlich ist am Donnerstag wieder Markt. Heute waren sie nicht da.
    Denn bei denen weiß ich, was ich bekomme. Im Supermarkt muss man halt nehmen, was da ist, aber wirklich fragen kann man niemanden.

  2. I agree Ruth, they keep trying to 'improve' things and just keep making them worse. Sorry your oranges were so bad...maybe you could eat some apples??