January 16, 2011

Brrrrrr --- cold!

Still January.  Alright to be cold.

Another weekend.  The family got together to celebrate two birthdays:  Jim's is on Wednesday, Greg's was the other day.
Boy, it was noisy!  5 kids under 8 under one roof:

Both Noah and Jackson on Uncle Jim's lap,
playing with dinosaurs making noise
Noah opening belated Christmas gifts
Monster trucks and dinosaurs
 one happy 6-months old
Greg, Nicole, Sue and Evan
Matthew with his aunt, uncle, and cousin
Don't ask.  No one screamed in pain, just with laughter
And that's what it looks like when there are lots of kids
ohh, how cute!  six months old.
 Next morning: Noah snuggling with mom
 and coloring with dad

I really did get rid of those sweaters.  With a heavy heart,
but I did it.  That gives me confidence to go into my 
cupboards and pull out the insulated tea and coffee pots my parents
gave me almost 40 years ago, never used!

And so it goes.
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Wir haben 11 Grad PLUS, immer noch, jetzt um 18 Uhr.
    Wir hatten heute Sonne bei wolkigem Himmel.

    Da hattest du ja das Haus voll und zwar voller Leben. Die Bilder sind so aussagekräftig, wunderbar. Alle so liebevoll miteinander. Auch die Kinder, die da auf dem Boden ihre helle Freude haben.
    Ein wundervolles Doppel-Fest.

    Oh, willst du uns die alten Tassen zeigen ???
    Die noch einen schönen Rest-Sonntag ♥