January 18, 2011


Rain, snow, sleet, melting, the whole glorious mess is happening today.  I'm still home, to come off my mountain is kind of hazardous, especially since the schools are closed today.  So I'll wait a little while before I meander out there, if at all.

My 'little' brother gave me the idea to feed the birds something other then the usual bird food cakes.  Peanuts, was his verdict.  All right, I'm game.  Got peanuts.  And a result you wouldn't believe.  The birds love it.
Especially the blue jays.  I don't see them at all until I put out the peanuts.  The huge crows come around as well, but they are careful, if I stand by the deck door, they won't come get their treat.
Last week, when it snowed.  I love the light after the snow.  Plus I want to impress you with the amounts!
 More birds, and below is the lasagna I put together for our family get-together.
It was yummy!


  1. Was sind das für schöne hellblaue Vögel?
    Tja, einfach Eednüsse, und sie fliegen dir die Bude ein, ach neee den Garten aber... ;-)
    In den letzten Tagen war es bei uns recht warm, aber morgen soll es wieder kühler werden.
    Hmmmm, die Lasagne sieht aber lecker aus!

  2. Thanks for the Postcard from NYC! So sweet of you thinking of us while you are at Time Square! :-) Good to have friends!