January 9, 2011

New York, New York!

Friday it snowed all day long.  My furnace quit, and I didn't know how much oil I had.  All is good, the oil was delivered (holy smokes, how expensive!), the furnace/boiler person came and got it going, and all was fine.
I drove to Nicole's after everything turned out alright, and spent the night.  Waking up with two little boys - fun.
On the spur of the moment we decided to meet Erika and Jessica in the city.  Checking the train schedule - 35 minutes to get two women and two little boys ready for the train.  We made it!

On the train...
 could we find a bigger pretzel?!
 you know you are in NYC when...

meeting an excited Jessica with her new American Girl Doll!
the perfect hat for perfect NYC weather.

 At Toys-R-us, the ferris wheel
 I forgot the name of the giraffe...
only in New York do you meet a bowling pin.

Jessica's idea of perfect: pushing Evan.  And in Times Square to boot!

Someone didn't get the memo: 2011 is here.  And more then a week old!

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Just as I left to go home I decided that looked good.  Nicole's house at night.
Fun day!


  1. Zum Glück war "No Pants Subway Ride" erst am Sonntag ... :-)
    GGLG Doris

  2. Erstmal zu deinem Header.
    So ähnliche Brückhäuser hatten wir in Erfurt gesehen und natürlich auch beknipft.
    Diese hier sind ja toll. Selerei Wohlleben. Was für ein wohlklingender Name.
    Und euer Ausflug nach NY mit der Bahn. Hat ja alles bestens geklappt.
    Und so vieles gesehen habt ihr. Klasse.
    Mit euch in NY. Da werde ich wohl nie sein.

    Nicoles Haus sieht so einladend aus, richtig schön.

  3. I commented on this one but that's when none of my comments were staying put! Don't remember everything I said but I know it was something about wanting a bite of that pretzel :) SO glad you had fun...