January 16, 2011

Letting go

Okay, someone requested that I post photos of the coffee pot and the tea pot from years ago, and here they are:

One photo with and one photo without a flash.

I never used these.  Insulated, and they were made before coffee makers, and micro waves made their appearance.  The covers are silverplated.  They look nice, and if you like them, just drop me a note!

Pay shipping, and they're yours.


  1. absolutely smashing.
    however, shipping to here would be a fortune and then still the question: would they or one arrive here in one piece? Like the teapot

  2. Genau, ich habe meine Kaffeekannen auch alle weggegeben. Die braucht man halt nicht mehr.
    Aber schööööööööön sehen sie aus. Wunderschön.
    Die Vordere mit einer Art Stövchen drunter, wenn ich recht sehe.
    Edle Teile.

  3. WOW, my loss...if they're already gone....
    If not, email me the shipping cost! I love them :)