January 30, 2011

Snow Fun

It was my brother Claus' birthday today.  A year ago Nicole, Jackson and I were celebrating with him.
Today we just called.  Too far to go, too expensive, although it would have been fun.
Happy Birthday, Claus!
And in his honor, the photo below.  Claus loves walking in the woods, and always sees some kind of wildlife.
We were outside (here in the States) playing in the snow today, and disturbed a buck with a gorgeous rack, and his doe.  The buck got away from me, both he and I were too startled.  The dog ran barking after the buck, we yelled for the dog to come back, which eventually she did.

When I talked to Claus today, he was saying that he went for a walk today, no snow there, but he did have the crystal clear blue sky kind of day.  So cold that your nose hair freezes!  He loved it, he didn't meet a soul on his walk (he claims when he meets two people on his walk, he won't go back to that part of the woods for years, he calls it crowded).

Nicole came to visit me with the boys yesterday.  We hung out, and let Jackson play.  Went to the store, and on dropping me off, Jackson begged me to come home with them.  Since they had to come back for something today anyway, I just did.  It was great!  We had pizza, the other grandma came as well, and this morning when Nicole was at the grocery store, Jackson and Dad played in the snow fort.  The even got me to crawl through it!
(no photos of that)

Yes, I just had to show off below, I can do it too.
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  1. der tunnel ist ja geil! und, hats spass gemacht? ;-) grüsse aus dem hunsrück!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day! And if there's Pizza, I'd stay too!
    I remember you being in Germany last year (has it really been that long?) and the awesome pictures you sent me. I like your brothers idea of walking alone...
    Stay warm :)