January 27, 2011

more snow photos

Erika and the kids followed me home, and helped dig me out.  
The help was much appreciated, thank you!
This is the house across the street. 
I'm only posting it, because I love the light (and check out that sky!  Amazing color!)

 Above is my house.  Do you see the mountain of snow that is higher than my hedge?!
 Up the street, isn't it pretty?
 Deep, deep snow.
 These kids didn't have school today, the ones in my town did, with a delayed opening.
 My helper
 More fun in the snow
 Below is today's snowfall in centimeters.


  1. I've been keeping track of all your snow and grateful there wasn't that much while my parents were still up there. I used to worry because my mother insisted on shoveling the sidewalk herself and my father insisted on still going out no matter how bad the weather.

    We lived in Parsippany in the early 70's. I think that's near you. I wish we could move back to NJ, but after losing money on houses in Texas and Oklahoma during the 80's oil bust it wouldn't be possible. They just don't go up in value here like they do up there. You take such nice pictures. People don't realize how pretty it is in NJ and you show them.

    Thank you for your warm wishes. I appreciate it.

  2. oh gott ruth, viel spass! wir haben hier nix, verdrehte welt!

  3. Hi Ruth, Vicki sent me the link to your blog. Glad she did. It seems we have things like Upper Marlboro MD, Milford, DE and even MA in common. And I'm German.

    Love the photos you took of the snow. Makes me want to be 8 years old again!

  4. Just stay warm...spring is getting closer :)

  5. Heidewitzka, da ist ja echt ne Menge runtergekommen. Gut, dass du Hilfe hattest.
    Dein Haus ist das mit den mehreren Dächern?

    Und die Kinder hatten ihren Spass, wunderbar.
    31 cm neuer Schnee, oha!

    Wir hatten gestern ein paar Flocken, die tanzend herunterkamen und auch nicht lange blieben.
    Dir ein schönes Wochenende ♥