January 13, 2011

Header and sweaters and letting go

Do you like my header?  It's a photo we took with Erika's new lens back in 2004.  From the house in Windham, NY, while we were there for Christmas.
Our Christmasses there were great, the whole family met, and it was terrific to all wake up in the same house.  Maybe some  day again...
Speaking of same family under one roof:  We will be seeing Sue and Noah tomorrow night!  Can't wait!  Celebrating more birthdays.

I didn't do much at home yesterday.  Shoveled some snow, that was it.  Played around with my sewing machine, and kept wondering  how people at home produced so much with their machines.  But I don't really have a project at the moment I'm enthusiastic about, and that could be the reason.  I cleaned out my closet - I had a hard time finding shoes, and while I was at it, got a bag together with hand knitted sweaters I or my mother made in the 1980's.  I had such a hard time letting go, but I don't wear them, no one else will either, it's time to let it go.  I still have sweaters my mother made, so it's all right.

Totally random, here are some summer photos from one of the last times I was in Windham:

church in Windham

 Summer - just around the corner
 Teddy and Beaner, the horses who were boarded at the house, since then they've been sold.  
The young lady they were bought for, went on to other interests, and her parents decided to take it easy on themselves.  Oh, and no, they were not members of our family.
 ups, when I chose this photo I didn't realize the dog was jumping in, but - taste of summer.
Isn't it beautiful up there?


  1. Ich habe letztens Hosen aussortiert, 4 auf einen Schlag. Die kommen in die Umweltwerkstatt. Dort werden sie für wenig Geld verkauft. Das wiederum hilft ehemals Arbeitslosen, einen Job zu haben.

    Boah, ein Haus mitten im Wald. Das ist ja toll!
    Und alle zu Weihnachten versammelt, das war bestimmt ein wunderbares Fest.

  2. Ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich für die lieben Geburtstagswünsche...das schöne Lied *smile*

    Danke ♥ Danke ♥

    Herzlichst Marianne!

  3. Ruth, wouldn't it be fun to just travel around and see all the beauty.....I can dream....