January 12, 2011

Snow again - not complaining!

Today is a snow day.  For me.  I just came in from shoveling. How much?  Oh, who counts.  It's a game I used to play with my in-laws.  And I think there was a winner.  Of what?  I have no idea.  Anyway, I think we got about 10 inches (25 1/2 centimeters) more or less.  More.  I think more.

Anyway, enough with the snow.  It looks gorgeous and is light and fluffy.  Which ... okay, I said enough.

I just have to share another New York photo:

Why do you think this guy is lugging a fire hydrant through Times Square?  Oh, I don't know, I didn't ask him!  It looks heavy, I'm sure it's real.  But why?

What else have I got?  Oh, nothing.  Really - nothing.

Oh, the other night I made stuffed peppers.  As per the advice of my little brother Claus, I made them with red peppers.  Yes, the rebel I am I switched from green peppers to red.  Let me tell you, that Claus!  He has some wicked ideas, and I love this one!

I browned the ground beef - don't ask for amounts, 1 pound, maybe more, with onion (one 1/2 was to be found), garlic - as much or as little as you like, brown it, oh, I found 1/2 green pepper in the refrigerator, which I cut into small pieces, added that.
When the beef was done, I added 1 cup of rice, maybe two cups of water  - yeah, right into it, don't prepare separately, cover and cook for about 15 min.  The rice doesn't even have to be cooked all the way, that's fine. (ups, almost forgot to tell you about the spices, salt, pepper, whatever you like!  Taste, and voila!)

Then stuff the peppers - next time it'll be yellow and red - and put them in a large enough pot to hold one layer, put tomato sauce over the whole thing, add the lid and cook for oh, maybe 20 minutes?  30 minutes will work too - let me tell you, it's delicious!
That's how my mother cooked.  Always.  I hardly ever remember her looking at a recipe.
And she was a housewife in the 50's!  Which means they took housewifery VERY seriously.
And she was the better cook, just ask my son or my little brother...


  1. Ok, wo ist dein Sohn? Wo ist dein kleiner Bruder? - Vermutlich Claus.

    Ein Hydrant wird durch NY getragen, toll gesehen !

    Ach, und der Schnee ist nun bei euch. 25 cm , nicht schlecht, hatten wir auch, und nochmal soviel drauf.
    Und unsere kleine Straße wird nicht geräumt. Wie viele da mit durchdrehenden Rädern nicht mehr von der Stelle kamen. Es war schon heftig.
    Euch wünsche ich nicht so viel Schnee.
    Und lasst es euch gut schmecken, mir läuft das Wassser im Mund zusammen.

  2. oh wie schön, deine mama! :-) gefüllte paprika, lecker! machen wir auch ab und zu, aber nur mit roten paprika, die schmecken doch am besten, oder? :-))

  3. Love this idea Ruth! I don't much like the green ones, but love red, yellow and orange peppers. I'll have to give this idea to the cook...when I get rich and can afford to hire one :) haha