December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

For me it's starting terrific.

I got to see my son, his wife and their son for three days.  It was a great time, with a tour of some special cars:

and a special museum with a plane/space craft I really didn't expect to see:

that space shuttle is huge!

and the museum is as well, just to fit in all the cool planes.

here is an old friend, we've seen before:

that's the SR71, Blackbird.  We know one of her pilots - and he confirmed that all the stories we heard about the plane were true.  And more.

I forgot to add that to the cars....
and the best news of all for those of you who read:

in July.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment so I can find you too. Being Grandma is fun and it looks like you're ready for another cool! You said you're looking for others like you...there are ton's of just need to keep looking. Go back to mine and check out 'Main street Memories"..Colleen will keep you laughing everyday. And 'Pearl' is fun to. I also have 2 other to them at the top, by my header. Just keep looking and you'll find us...although I'm not married anymore, most of the others are. You'll build up a following soon..I'll be your second one! Nice meeting you too and have a fun time blogging (O:

  2. hallo ruthi,
    das sind echt TOLLE news! freue mich sehr für sie! :-)) hoffe dir geht´s gut. das du tolle feiertage hattest, sehe und höre ich ja :-)! ganz viele grüsse aus dem hunsrück! K&D, dani