December 18, 2009

The last weekend

.... before Christmas.  So much to do!  This morning I took time out and went to Jackson's Daycare for his Christmas concert.  He was one group up from last year, with the singers, but still little enough not to sing.  He did participate, though!  He had an adorable reindeer hat on, looked sooo cute. 
When he spotted us in the crowd, and saw his mother and father, he broke out in tears.  That's too much to ask of a little one to be in the group and just look at the parents.

Last night I babysat for Matthew and Jessica.  Matthew's new passion is Pokemon.  And somehow he discovered eBay.  And Pokemon cards on eBay.  Who knew?  I shouldn't be  surprised, though!  So of course we bid on some cards.  And I got the call this morning: Oma, did we win?  All part of his Christmas gift.

It's cold!  I'm freezing....  I'll have the family over on Sunday.  I'm making something from Julia Child's cook-book, yes, the Art of French Cooking, I got it at a garage sale for about $1.  Of course this was before the movie came out.
Now I still need to stop and get red wine.  To cook with.

This also seems to be a sad time.  Two of my kids have pets.  The one family had to put down a loyal, lovely dog, she was just getting too old.  The other family, it was a total surprise that that gorgeous ragdoll cat went into breathing distress, and just couldn't be saved.

Tomorrow we are expecting a Nor'Easter.  With snow, and lots of it.
Long Island has a blizzard warning.  I'm jumping up and down with joy that it isn't us in New Jersey.
Hopefully it'll pass tomorrow and my family will still be able to come on Sunday as planned.

Enjoy your fourth Advent!

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