December 9, 2009

My township

My house is a little lower than the road.  So when it snows and then rains on top of it, there is a lot of water running down the street.  And if it's huge amounts, the water goes the way of least resistance and ends up in my basement. 
That's a new situation, in years past we didn't have storms like that.  And it seems to be happening more and more.
This morning as I am shoveling the snow into the street - there is no room to go anywhere else, plus, it would definitely end up in my basement - I decided to call my township.  And I did, once inside and out of the wet clothes.
Not only did I get a 'we will be right over to look at it', it actually happened within the hour.  And they were friendly, helpful, moved the snow from the front (they had to, in order to see what was going on), and promised to raise my berm.   I am thrilled by the response. 

While I was at it, it sent an email to the engineering department asking how long my neighbor gets to keep his unused construction equipment in our shared driveway. 
I am hesitant in approaching them, since the wife seems to get angry very quickly and I really don't want an escalation.  I realize I'm asking for said escalation, but I just asked for the information, did not put it in the form of a complaint.
This unwillingness for a confrontation comes form my younger days... not that I'm afraid to approach the neighbors, it's just that the climate between us is frosty anyhow....  and I do want the construction mess (windows, yes, with glass in them, boards, rain gutters, etc.) to be gone.  Only other solution is a fence.

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