December 22, 2009


Flight is booked.  I'll be there to watch my little big brother blow out his birthday candles on his round birthday.  I waited and waited to book, hoping for yet a cheaper flight.  But the old CO Flight 50 and 51 are the best.  No variations!
Europe in January/February is not the most ideal, but that's when his birthday is.  And maybe the weather will be nice.  We seem to have our winter now, so it could happen, right?  And I get to celebrate two birthdays, my sister-in-law's is a couple of days later, and I'll be there at that party as well.

All right - I'm ready to go home.  I was trying to get a movie buddy to see Avatar, but no luck yet.  Maybe tomorrow, he said.

1 comment:

  1. Schön das es geklappt hat mit dem Flug. Da freut sich Claus bestimmt! :-)