December 21, 2009


I'm in the cold warehouse.  It's quiet, since Linda is gone for the year.  Not much going on.

Yesterday was a success.  The beouf bourguignon turned out great and everone loved it.  I put the vegetables in a big baking dish and just added olive oil, salt and garlic, and roasted them.  Turned out, we like it this way.  It's called 'the world's best broccoli', and the name alone helps make it desirable for Matthew.
And we liked the brussel sprouts that way.
Erika brought peppermint bark, and it was hard to resist.  We sat together, laughed, watched the kids, checked out things online, and had a bottle of Krug.  Champagne.  A little pre-Christmas celebration.
I had found the folder with all the report cards of the kids from the years, I shoved them all in there, not sorted, just a collection of them.  I finally took them apart, and handed Nicole her batch.  She was amazed.  I even had reports from her speech therapy in there.  And some reports from UCONN.   Good - one more thing I don't have to worry about.  Now hand Chuck his bunch, and we're good.

I am still looking for a buddy to go see 'Avatar' with.  Maybe Penny.  I asked, and she didn't think she'd have time before next weekend.

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