December 3, 2009

Lambertville, NJ

My little (6'5") brother came to visit me yesterday.  I picked him up at the PATH, and we went home.  Chatted for a while and then went out for sushi.  It was great!  Some shopping at the mall, where I ended up with an early Christmas gift, a short dress or long sweater to wear over tights.  I love it!  I wore it today.

First we went out to a diner for breakfast - very New Jersey - then walked my tour around the pond. 

Since he owns horses, he wanted to check out a horse-supply store in the States.  So we did.  And ended up driving to Lambertville, a village full of galeries and antique stores, where we walked around and dream shopped.  Then a drive across the Delaware to New Hope, PA, where we had lunch, and a little walk up the hill.  While walking, the rail road barriers went down across the street and an apparition from the past came by - a steam engine!  Black, blowing smoke, looking lovely.

We admired, went up, remembered my Dad being here, being fascinated  by the collection of engines at this old-fashioned rail road station.  From what I understand, volunteers take care of the engines. 

We also called his son back in Germany to wish him a happy 20th birthday.

After that it was unfortunately time to bring little brother to the airport - JFK - 86 miles away.  We had a lovely time driving and chatting.  It was great to see him!  Thank you for visiting, Thomas!

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