January 3, 2010


Three days into the new year already.

Today was icy cold.  I spent most of the day in the house.  Only went out to the movies with Penny and Rose to see 'It's complicated'.  I laughed, it was funny enough.

The day before yesterday I went to my middle daughter's house to spend time with visitors from St. Louis.  We had pizza and sat and talked and laughed.  I spent the night, since my s-i-l went off with a friend to spend a couple of nights away.  Yesterday we went to Ikea, where I found some material on sale, and then to a mall, where we met my older daughter, her daughter and a cousin.  It was nice to see the little guy behaving much better in a mall, walking the entire time (no stroller for him!), and we only had to keep him in a good mood a couple of times.
I found a sweater I liked at the Gap, and that was about it.
I can't believe all the days off are already over.  Tomorrow it's back to work.
Have fun you all!

1 comment:

  1. Ya, back to the old grind here too. Got to get use to the 4am wake up alarm again...UGH!
    Glad you were with your family while you had the time. Never enough of it, huh?
    Have a good week.