January 23, 2010

Help Haiti Telethon

Last night was the telethon for Haiti.  It was very stark, no announcements, no names, just the performers coming to the microphone and either singing or reading their part. No commercials.
Very much like the telethon after 9/11.*
I didn't think I would watch the whole thing, but I did.
Okay, the part where the stars answered the phone was awkward.   Anderson Cooper engaged me the most.  Reporting directly from Haiti.
Anyway, I was totally caught by Justin Timberlake singing 'Halleluja'.  And I'm not a Justin fan.  At all.  If anyone wants to check it out, here it is:  Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris just amazing.

My s-i-l's mom called me and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with them tonight, to celebrate his birthday.  Yes, I'll be happy to!
I walked the first time this year around my little pond.  It was cold, even though they promised 'warmed' temperatures.  39 F, with a wind, believe me, not so warm.  But the sun was shining!

*The 9/11 concert/telethon - I remember Nicole and I drove down to Washington, DC to visit Erika and Jim.  We listened to the telethon on the way down, and called Erika to ask if our guess as to who it was was right.
I do spend a huge amount of time with my kids.  And it's the best time ever.  I would go to the opening of an envelope with them.

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  1. HI Ruth, I was gone a couple of days so I'm catching up. Sounds like you had a good walk. I can't wait for warmer weather...but we still have snow here sometimes in May! But it will come. I love that you're so close to your kids. Mine have taken off on their own lives and we don't live so close..
    I didn't get to watch the Haiti thing. I think it's nice that they are helping. But I think it's sad that so many here in our own country suffer also. They should do this to help them out too...
    But that's the way it goes.
    You have a great week..