January 8, 2010

Deep freeze

A deep freeze is forecast for the weekend.  That's okay, it's January and it's winter.  At work I have tons of layers on:
A thermal undershirt
a turtleneck
a sweater
a fleece jacket
and of course the
thermal undies
knee socks
pants - sweat pants
snow boots.

And yes, sometimes I get cold.
We have a fairly large order in, and I hope it keeps up.

Tonight I'll babysit for my 2 1/2 year old grandson.  He is so cute!  He just went from the few words to telling a story, seems like overnight.  He can argue, tell a story, he sang 'happy birthday' with us last night, when his mom and dad and other grandmother came over for dinner.  He loves to take the stick to the spinning wheel off, and go hit something with it.  I dragged out my pots, and had him hit those, and try different sounds.

I made goulash, carrots, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower - it was so good.  And the Pilsbury Grands which Nicole loves.  And brownies for a family who loves chocolate.

Oh, and I got my treadmill!  This is an almost new treadmill, only used a few times, which was going to be thrown out.  A good brand, at that!  I'm thrilled, because now I don't have to go out and wrestle the bear.  Actually, the bear should be sleeping, it's cold enough.  I had just gotten a treadmill, but it was an older model, great to have before I got this new one.  I was happy with it, until this model came along.

I tried the treadmill last night, and again this morning.  I'm happy.  I know the German bloggers and runners go out in all kinds of weather (actually so do the real fitness nuts here too), but my time would be in the AM when it's dark, or in the evening, you guessed it, when it's dark.  And it's nice to be able to stay in the house.  I just have to learn to read when I run/walk....

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  1. Trying to catch up a bit after having 2 grand kids for 3 days! Go see how I feel about the freeze
    Hope you had fun with your 2 and a half year old..mine are a bit more manageable at 7 and 9, but aren't they all just so fun!