January 20, 2010

A Wedding

There was a wedding invitation in the mail this morning.  And so cute!  The couple's last name is Button, and there were two buttons on the front of the invitation - just so adorable! 
In case there are any guys reading this - they were manly buttons (in a deep voice). The setting and the celebration afterward sound like fun, and I do love weddings....

I have a little time to respond.  I probably will not be able to go, since it is overseas, and in the summer, and flight tickets overseas in the summer are mucho dinero.  We've been avoiding flying in the summer for years, ever since my kids - all adults now - were in school and we had to consider their vacations. 
Too bad, too, Europe in the summer is lovely.

But I have until the end of February to respond, and maybe I'll win the lottery - or a plane ticket... one never knows.

It was my son-in-law's birthday yesterday.  I made him apple butter, six jars, since he mentions that he loves apple butter and can't get it anywhere.  Although I'm not sure he wanted six jars!  Anyway, it was easy to make it.  I remember making apple butter after we made apple jelly.  Does anyone out there remember this?  We used to make apple butter from the left-overs of apple jelly.  That was the purpose, I thought.  And kept on looking for a recipe of apple jelly that went hand in hand with the butter.
In the end, I gave up on that, and made a combination from all the recipes I found in my many cookbooks. With apples, apple cider vinegar, white and brown sugar and the 'winter spices': cinnamon, allspice and cloves.
We celebrated by making meatball sandwiches and while my s-i-l was out getting the rolls, he got himself a blueberry pie for his birthday.  I felt bad for not thinking of that....
We sang 'happy birthday' and we dug in.

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  1. Awww, happy birthday to him! I made apple jelly once in my life..about 16 years ago! There were apples on the trees in our *new* back yard..just bought the I thought I'd try. It was delicious! But I haven't tried it since...
    What a lucky son to have a mama that would make him some. If he doesn't want it all, tell him you know someone who will take some!
    My address is.......... (O: