January 10, 2010


I had Jackson sleep overnight at my house from Friday to yesterday. 

I called him to  the sliding door to show him the birds feeding.  I forgot about two-year-olds. 
He came to the door, looked at the birds, and let out a yell, and was totally happy when all of the birds disappeared.
Mission accomplished.

I only have him over once in a while, so he (and the others) are pretty much allowed anything they want to do.  I took the chance and hemmed a tablecloth, knowing that he loves machines, pushing buttons, and trying things out.  Whatcha doing?  he wanted to know.  And played with the on-off button, the thread, and watched how the machine worked.  Then he grabbed the scissors.  Since they are sharp, but have rounded tips, we tried them out.  I let him cut paper (helping), ribbon and a bit of fabric.  When he was satisfied, I put the scissors away.
He wrestled with me - he started it!  and he giggled. 

His mother came around noon to pick him up.  We went shopping together, and he fell asleep on the way to drop me off.

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