January 17, 2010

January Yew York

Nick and I went to New York yesterday with Jackson. We took the ferry from Weehawken, and then the bus to 42nd St.
We went to ToysRus, where mother and son went on the ferris wheel, then Jack played on the Thomas table. We actually got out of the store without buying anything! Then lunch at a deli on 38th St. - Ben's - and back to the ferry. Jackson fell asleep and missed the ride back, as well as the ride back home.
It was fun. It always is being in NYC.
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  1. We had a GREAT time in NYC yesterday. Thanks sooooo much for having such fun ideas!

  2. Es sieht wirklich total spannend aus, Euer Trip nach N.Y.. Ein bisschen frostig, aber die Stadt muss super sein. Und ohne einen Einkauf aus einem Toysurus-Laden zu gehen, Hut ab, tolle Leistung ;-)
    (Ich hoffe es ist nicht so schlimm, dass ich einen Kommentar auf Deutsch hinterlasse, aber mein Englisch ...)

  3. Natuerlich ist es okay Comments in deutsch da zu lassen! Ich freue mich ueber jeden Leser!

  4. I love that you did something so fun Oma! Your daughter is pretty..tongue and all!
    It seems another world to me. I live in a small country town in the west. So I like seeing the city life once in awhile (O: