January 15, 2010

Work, trouble

This week it was very cold.  I wore layers and layers and if I sat still one minute, I would get cold. 
Things did not go easy this week.  My grommet machine needs work, someday I'll post a photo of it, it is ancient, from the early 1900's!  It needs to be greased, the belts tightened, they are still made out of leather.  The overlock machine motor quit, and I am hoping and crossing fingers and toes, that the motor can be salvaged and that we'll be up and running again in no time.  I started to take the motor off, but am not clever enough to figure out how it is attached on the bottom.  I undid the bolts, but there is some weird sliding system that is still holding it up there.
I did get the top of the motor off, just loosened the 3 screws, that seemed easy.  Dirty, filthy in there, black dust, really yucky.  We'll get the rest of it off on Monday, when I will have help.

A friend called me last night, and invited me to a playhouse in a town nearby, to see '100 nights on broadway'.  I am looking forward to that. 
First I'll pick up the little ones at school, bring them home, and hang out there for a while.  Matthew started his new 'Amelia Bedilia' book last night, and it is really funny. 

Jackson woke up last night in the middle of the night.  When he was taken to his parents bed, he wanted to watch TV.  Then he was in bed saying 'knock, knock'  and 'who's there'.  Hm..  gotta print out some knock-knock jokes for two-year-olds.

A friend called me last night and told me her husband has terminal cancer.  With not a long time left. 
Man, that's tough.  And there is nothing you can say.

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  1. AHH..hope you get the motor thing fixed! Reading about the black filthy dust, I had to laugh. I'm a lab tech at a hose manufacturing plant and that's what it's like for me everyday at work! Machinery isn't so old's just from 1947...
    Cute stuff about your grand babies too..gotta love them 2 year olds.
    As for your friend, you'll find the words when she really need them. Life is tough for sure....
    take care