February 16, 2011


Work is ... well, unexpected.  I am working by myself now, since the money wasn't coming in as regularly as I liked.  So now that it's only me, wouldn't you know it's pretty steady!  I just got a pretty big order from a customer, 60 filters, to be finished in 3 weeks.  Pretty easy, just a straight tube, with a zippered closure.  I was a bit nervous, but I started today and was already able to sew 30 of the 60 zippered closures.  The customer dropped off a check today, so I'll get the rest of the material tomorrow.

And oh! it got warmer.  Still long underwear in the warehouse kind of cold, but definitely warmer.  Heaps of snow are melting/disappearing without a whimper.  Good, right?

And I hopped on the treadmill again.  I had taken a break, it somehow seemed I was too tired.  Maybe when all the mess is gone, I'll take up my morning walk again.  It was just too dangerous at the moment.


  1. Oh, dann bist du nun selbstäöndig als Näherin tätig?
    Hast genügend Verbindungen, dass Aufträge kommen?
    Der erste ist ja schon ganz ordentlich.

    Prima, dass es bei euch wärmer wird. Ja, es wird Zeit...!!!
    In Nord- und Ostdeutschland ist noch immer tiefer Winter.
    Natürlich kann auch bei uns noch was kommen, noch haben wir ja Winter.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. GREAT NEWS! Especially the money coming in part:)
    I can attest to your awesome sewing'll do fine! Glad it's a titch warmer, Was here too but we had wind and more snow last night...blah! Now it's cold again. So keep the long johns handy and put the walks on hold for a bit more. Spring is on the way :)

    I couldn't post a comment on here for awhile. Just learned how to fix it:) woot woot!