February 10, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge and new skyscraper

Back in October I walked the Brooklyn Bridge with my friends Sherri and Steve.  We noticed this skyscraper and wondered about it, not having heard anything about new skyscrapers, or anything else.  It is remarkable looking, and today in the New York Times the mystery was solved.
It's designed by Frank Gehry, one of the famous architects, who also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.  I guess we weren't interested enough to check on it at the time.  
The NYTimes calls it the finest skyscraper in almost 50 years.

We appreciated it on our walk, and appreciate it even more now.
(note to self, let Sherri know)


  1. Na das ist ja n Ding. Da wachsen neue Wolkenkratzer in die Höhe und ihr merkt das gar nicht.
    Da bin ich aber froh, dass ihr es nun doch bemerkt habt. Die sehen ja echt schön aus. Danke für die näheren Fotos, da kann man ja doch eine Menge erkennen. Toll, dieser Schwung in die Höhe, das hat was.
    liebe Grüße über den großen Teich

  2. Hey Ruth, I saw a thing about this on TV the other day. It's swanky apartments for people with money enough to not care what it costs. I think the cheapest was the bottom floors at $3,000.00 a month. Then as the floors climb, so does the price. Like $25,000.00 a month and up. The views were the big sale...if you like to see more skyscrapers:) What I thought was most interesting was Frank Gehry's age. He's 81 and not at all ready to stop building buildings!
    Haha, seems I've written a post here...
    Keep sharing your walks.