February 17, 2011

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Last night nothing was on TV.  So I flipped (I can, I'm all alone, the remote is mine!!!  Queen of the remote!).  Anyway, I got stuck at the beginning of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
Since this is my blog, I get to tell about how I found out about this cult classic.  In 1985 I had my girl-friends son from Germany staying with me as an exchange student - actually that's a whole new story in itself.

Anyhow, during that year I was also hanging out with Colleen from across the street.  We'd do goofy things, hang out, laugh, etc.  One night C comes over and says 'what are you doing tonight?'   'oh, nothing' was my usual response.  So she told me to get dressed, we were going to go see the RHPS with Gregor at midnight.  I had heard about it (some people went over 400 times!), cult classic, I tell you!

Kids stayed home.  Well, it was all that I heard about it!  The audience answered questions, sang the songs, it was wild.  I didn't expect to like the movie, but some of the songs just stay with you, there is a reason it was the theaters so long!  Okay, you forced me to admit it, I liked it. (sorta like Las Vegas, I didn't expect to like that either, German austere Protestant upbringing and all...)
Actually I just looked it up, it came out in 1975, and we went to see it in 1985, and it had never left the theaters.  Unheard of in today's time.

Anyway, the whole thing is just captivating.  Yes, I'm a fan.  Susan Sarandon, how young she is in that movie!  And Tim Curry - I just wait for him to come down that elevator - what a role!  And I wonder if and how much courage it took to play that part.

It put a smile on my face.  My favorite song, you ask?  I don't know, I like 'there's a light over at the Frankenstein place',

or the 'Sweet Transvestite' - I'm still full of admiration for Tim Curry taking on that role, there has to be a little of, oh, never mind, a lot of 'let it all hang out' spirit there!

the 'Time Warp', of course ----
and more.  No, I didn't see the whole thing, just up to 'I am making a man'.

And no, I never went to the theater to see it again either.

And remind me to tell the Gregor story some time.  The one with the boa constrictor.


  1. Ok, I'll admit it...I was too busy taking care of kids and a loser husband when all this fun was happening. I'VE NEVER SEEN RHPS :(
    Guess I better now, huh.... Guess I'll go watch the video and see what I think. Never to old to have some fun:) Now I want to hear the Gregor thing, although I HATE snakes!

  2. I've never seen it, but my older sons were in high school in the 80's and they went a lot!

  3. I've never seen the RHPS. I heard about it, but nothing else.
    But it's good you to have had fun.