February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day - is there an equivilant to 'bah humbug'?  One for Valentine's Day?  Hmm, maybe there should be.  No chocolates, no roses....  but a long phone conversation with my little brother (the older of the two, they are both little brothers).  And funny, too, that I call them little brothers, the older of the two is 6'6" (2 Meters), the little, little one only a little bit shorter than the older.

Actually I didn't mean to go there.  I just meant to tell about my weekend without any photos at all!  My daughters came over with their 'youngens', and we had a lovely afternoon together.  I made clam chowder from scratch (New England, of course!)  and tried the crazy no-knead recipe for bread I had found.  Crazy because you need at least 18 hours of 'messing around/rising' time, and it's baked in a cast-iron pot with the lid ON.  I had serious doubts about it, but it was crazy enough to give it a shot.  When I took the bread out, I was convinced it was ruined.  But no, very crunchy on the outside, nice and tender on the inside!  If I get the timing right, I'll make it again.

Anyway, I was meant to keep Jessica and Matthew overnight, and when Jackson asked if he could stay as well, of course I said 'yes'.  Which meant that all of us piled on the trundle bed (pull out), and I had to promise Matthew that I wouldn't sneak off and sleep in my bed.  And stay there until he woke up.  All right!  And then we got up, and Jackson came and joined us.  And he told me later also not to leave before he wakes up.
This is getting difficult!

Chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.  Yummy!


  1. I used to make chocolate chip pancakes for my kids when they were little. You're right...they're yummy!

    Sorry, no robins heading your way yet. Hang in there!

  2. Das Brot muss ja unheimlich lecker schmecken. Was ist das für eins, dass es so lange gebacken werden muss?
    Da hattest du ja eine aufregende Nacht, grins.

  3. BahHumbug from here too.. Glad you had a fun sleepover with the kids anyway. Someday I'm coming over for lunch:)