February 27, 2011

Sunday, and the Oscars!

Usually I don't go overboard with the Oscars.  And it's not different this year.  I only saw a couple of the movies that are up to win, and one of them last night.  Sherri and Steve invited me over for dinner, and they had rented 'Salt' and 'The Social Network'.  They were both 'eh'.
Salt was entertaining, and somewhat typical of the genre, and The Social Network didn't endear Facebook to me any more than it was before.  I don't even know why I am keeping up my FB account, it's so locked-down that hardly anyone can get to me or share something with me, and aside from that I'm using my maiden name.

No, I'm not that worried about security, I trust Aunt or Uncle Google with a lot of stuff.  I figure with all of us out there spewing data into the stratosphere someone will have to dig pretty deep to get to a little old (opinionated) lady like me.

This isn't even what I wanted to blog about!  Sometimes I just sit down and it just comes out.

Anyway, we had pea soup last night (made in the pressure cooker, which Sherri used for the first time in 10 years), it was very good, and potatoes baked in aluminum foil in the fire place - those are just delicious!

Today is clean-up day.  Trying to get all the stuff I don't need or want or will never use out of the house - ha!
I have to laugh at that idea myself.  But I'll try.
I also saw the first tips of the snow drops and daffodils peeking out of the ice and snow out back!
Yeah, spring will come!


  1. I watched all the dazzle too..and I've not seen any of the movies:) I'm with ya on FB, although I do look sometimes. I'm securitied up the hoo haw though..I'm NOT a trusting soul! Not sure what else you're trying to boot out of your house, but I LOVE the two things that ended up at mine. The coffee pot came yesterday and they fit here just fine:) THANKS...more later in an email. Haven't had pea soup for years but it sounds so good. Taters too...
    Daffodils peeking already? I'm jealous! But then I don't have any planted, maybe that's why they aren't peeking here...
    Ok, late and bedtime. Sometimes I get on here and the words just tumble out :)
    Have a great Monday.

  2. ja, der frühling kommt. ich sitze hier in frankfurt auf der arbeit, 7 uhr und es ist schon hell draussen! ENDLICH wird es wieder früh hell! :-)) hoffe die winterdepression verschwindet damit auch....hoffe dir gehts gut! K&D