February 2, 2011


And I did go to work.  And yes, it didn't look good ---- here are some scenes from today:

And then I got to the kids, and Matthew fell on his face while sledding in front of the house.  And this is the kind of damage the layer of ice does:

Poor baby!


  1. YIKES RUTH! Don't click and drive :) And poor Matthew for sure. Could have been much worse though. Oma kisses will fix him up...
    Stay home, stay warm, stay safe!

  2. gute besserung an matthew! und du, pass auf! bei solchem wetter machst du auch noch bilder im auto......ruthi, ruthi! ;-)

  3. Liebe Ruth,
    fährst du allein im Wagen? Und dann solche Fotos? Oha...
    Aber die Sicht war wahrlich schlecht, da ging es wohl auch laaaangsam voran, dabei darfst du auch knipsen ;-)
    Och, armer Mathew, hoffentlich tuts nicht mehr so weh.
    Immerhin kann er noch lächeln.

  4. I remember as a child my friend chipping her tooth that way! The snow looks so pretty in your pictures.