February 23, 2011


Puuuh, I'm tired tonight.  It seemed like a long day.

I brought my serger (overlock) to the repair shop yesterday, since one of the loopers was acting loopy.  The seam it sewed was really not very pretty at all, and it was holding me up, I just couldn't get it fixed.  They have a 24 hour turn-around, and I dropped the machine off, and worked on the filters, cutting fabric pieces, sewing in zippers, etc.  This morning I got the call the serger was fixed.  So I went to get it, brought it back, and it's a pain to set it up, it has to be connected to all the threads again - 5 of them, the belt has to be attached, and then it's a go.
No, it's a no-go, since something is hitting the housing.  Brief discussion with myself - do I really want to figure out what it is?  No, I decide.  That means lugging it back to the car, driving it all the way across town, and then waiting for it to be fixed.  Of course it wasn't the fault of the fix-it place, it had to have happened while I transported it!  Well, I let it go, since it got fixed, and that's what I wanted.

And then I hustled.  I got 22 of my 15' filters with zippers on the end done.  Tomorrow more cutting and sewing.

No wonder I'm tired!
The header photo was taken a while ago in NYC, in Central Park, and in the background is the Dakota Building.  I read a book by Jack Finney 'Time and Again', and I fell in love with the idea in the book of going back in time and visit NYC at the end of the 1800's and the beginning of the 1900's.  The book is based on that idea with photos of New York at that time.
And the Dakota Building plays a part in that book.  At the time the Building was built, it was so far up in the city, that people said 'it might as well be in the Dakotas'.  And that's where the building got the name.
 I still pull the book out once in a while and read bits of it.  Actually it's probably the 2nd or 3rd time I buy and lend it.  I keep lending it, and when I find it at a garage sale, I buy it again.

What's one of the books you find you buy over and over again?

PS - 'The Shipping News' by Annie Proulx is an another one I have to have....


  1. I'm tired just reading about YOU being tired! I have a serger too. Don't pull it out too often. Glad yours is fixed...glad I don't sew for a living:)

    I love the header Ruth, and the story along with it. I'll have to find that book and read it now. What do I keep reading? Well, about 20 or so years ago, Diana Gabaldon started a series of books. She just finished the last one..#7 a couple years ago. I haven't read it cause I always wait for the small paperbacks:) But I've started the series over again (for the 3rd time..haha) and will get the last one in May when it's paperback. Anyway, these books are 'keep you on the edge, catch your breath, OMG' kind of reading. The first one is 'Outlander' Let me know if you've read them...or want to :)

    Stay warm, we have a big 5 day storm coming tomorrow....


  2. Dass du so müde bist, ist ja kein Wunder. So fleißig, wie du bist!
    Und dann noch die Maschine kaputt. Ist das nicht eine ähnliche, wie Frau-Mutti neu hat? Overlock-Maschine?
    Dakota-Buildung ist aber nicht länger außerhalb, nicht wahr?

  3. I've never heard of that book, but it does sound interesting. I like your header picture too. Glad you finally got the serger repaired. I'm wondering what 15 foot filters are? Sounds like a big project anyway.

    I'm sending the netbook back to Amazon tomorrow. They've already shipped a new one and indicated it would arrive on the 1st. Very good service. I'll certainly buy from them again.