February 20, 2011

The Sheltered Island

That's where I was overnight.  So quiet and sleepy in the winter.  And so awfully cold!  Yesterday was cold and windy anyhow.  Jessica and I braved the weather and wanted to have just a moment outside.
Cold, cold!
She's a good sport

And yes, that's part of the Atlantic.  The 'sheltered' part, but still, that cold wind from the sea whips across this island too.

And, unless you bring your own boat, below is the only way to get there.

What did we do?  We left late on Saturday,
 then stopped at a couple of wineries.
We played Scrabble with Matthew
and he won (okay, he had help)
We had supper at the house,
then watched a movie before going to bed.
The wind was blowing and howling around the house.
It felt so cozy.
In the morning:

The light coming in hit the ship just right.
And it was too cold to go photograph the sunrise (15 degrees F)

This is where we stopped on the way home:
Channing daughters winery

And no photos of our stop at the Vodka distillery!

I'll go cry in a corner now about the snow to arrive tomorrow....


  1. Ruth, you have so much fun going to so many places...I envy you being so close to everything!
    One good thing about snow storms, it has to warm up a little before they can happen..
    Find a warm cozy spot and hang out for awhile.
    Then post about your next day trip :)

  2. Mal eben übers Wochenende weg. Das geht bei dir recht fix, hab ich den Eindruck.
    Hier war es auch so lausig kalt. Ok, der Himmel blieb trocken. Hätte er Wolken gehabt, hier hätten wir auch Schnee.
    ich drück alle Daumen, dass nicht so viel Schnee runterkommt ♥