February 6, 2011

Sunday, and NO new snow!

It rained yesterday.  And that's enough about the weather.

A little bit about work.  I sew for a living, and no, I am no expert.  The sewing I do at work is so much different than home sewing, it's two different sets of skills.  For one, the sewing machines are heavy duty, sort of like driving a truck, partially with the possibility of great speed, against driving a mini cooper.
Some of the machines are very old, like this example from the 1930's, and yes, it still works:
It has the free arm, and I can't find any newer machines like this, that are reasonable.  It has double needles, and it's a bear to work with, since for some reason the power to the machine is intermittent, which means sometimes it races and breaks the thread, and sometimes I have to coax it to even start.
And then I sew on something like thick felt, with one side coated with a thin layer of plastic/polyester:

And I not only have to sew them into shapes, I also have to sew in a metal frame.  Yes, nothing in home sewing comes close.  Home sewing machines seem slow and delicate to me when I sew 'for fun'.  To give another example, the finest needles I have at work are an 18.  Mostly I sew with a 20 needle, sometimes 22, and as a home sewer you may know that most of the time you tend to stay around 10, above or below.  And that's what the machines are set for, I'd have to have them set-up for finer threads and needles.

Change of subject.

And since I posted about Matthew and his injuries (he's much better now, thank you), I have to post something about Jessica.  She was busy drawing and making books about bunny and 'tertl' on her snow day.
And I just love that grin.

Yesterday I was brave and drove in weather I normally would have avoided, to hang out with a six-month old and his brother and mother.  While I was driving up their driveway, which is an eighth of a mile long, I came across this:
Greg promised me he'd look today for some of the antlers, which they shed at this time.  They should be easier to spot on the snow.
Finding antlers, or complete racks is my brother Claus' sport.  And he finds pairs, which is pretty special.
But I maybe told you about that already?
Anyway, here is a happy 6 1/2 mos. old:

We gave him some of those baby treats on a tray.  He managed to get one in his mouth, and wasn't impressed.

Coming home after some shopping, this was in the driveway:

No kidding.
Enjoy your Sunday, stay warm, and have fun if you are watching the Super Bowl.

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  1. Du bist wahrlich eine versierte Näherin. Die alte Singer, ich fass es nicht, wunderbar.
    Sooo viele Rehe auf der Straße, das ist ja äußerst ungewöhnlich.
    Jessica schaut so nett drein.
    Und der Kleine kann ja gucken - mit sooooo großen Augen, herrlich.