August 3, 2011


This morning I took off for my walk at 5:40 AM.  And two houses down, right before the school gate, a skunk meandered out of the woods, crossed the street in front of me, maybe 10 feet away, never gave me a glance and disappeared around the corner of the house.  In my almost 3 years of wandering this 'track' I've never seen a skunk.   It never even occurred  to me, even though I know there are some around.  Yesterday I saw two fawns laying down in the grass by the school, still sleeping.  My steps woke them up, but all they did was raise their heads and watch me.
Do you think I live in the middle of no-where?  No, I don't!  I live on the rim of the Greater Metropolitan Area (meaning New York), and there are houses all around, and towns lined up, one after the other.  And I see foxes,  deer all the time, beaver (in the pond), herons, swans, canadian geese, mandarin geese, I get scolded by the crows all the time, and I'm still waiting for my encounter with a black bear, which I'm sure will happen.  No, I haven't seen a raccoon in some time, but they do rummage in my garbage.  And in the winter, actually now too, they come up on the deck.  I say now too, because we saw the paw prints of raccoons in a shallow bowl of water set out on the deck for the birds.
I used to see bats (Fledermaus) all the time, but there haven't been any in ages.  I used to have to be careful with my deck umbrella, because they thought it was a house just for them, and opening it could be a 'wild-life encounter'.
No, of course I didn't have the camera on me this morning.  Never on mornings like that.  And the morning sky was so beautiful, light blue and pink with the rising sun rays mixed in.

Okay, enough!  Tomorrow I will take the camera along.


  1. I guess the weather was nice for walking too. Has it cooled off? I'm afraid all the little critters have no choice but to be where they are...over the years their land has been taken over by people. I remember when I was a kid we used to have farms, but then the land became too valuable and was sold for development.

  2. ich hab letztens fledermäuse in einer "schauer" in mörschbach gesehen....richtige, wirkliche, echte....baaaatmaaaaaaaan! ;-)
    viele grüsse!

  3. Oh my! Sounds more like you live in the mountains like I did! Sad really, that they have no where else to go. Betty's right, we've taken over their space....

    Just be careful. Not sure which would be the worse, seeing a bear or the back side of the skunk! Ewwweee:)

    And take your camera!!

  4. Also echt, da tun sich dir Welten der besonderen Art auf, und du hast die Kamera nicht dabei. Das gibts doch nicht.
    Aber nicht, dass dich der Bär mal erwischt, bitte pass auf dich auf.
    Lieber Fotos als .... na ja.....