August 24, 2011

Earthquake, hurricane, wasps, what else?

The earthquake that was felt on the East Coast yesterday didn't bother us much.  I didn't feel it, I was in the car. My daughter, who was in the office, was dizzy, and didn't know what was happening until later.  My son and family, who live in Maryland, are fine.  The others were/are in Canada at Niagara Falls.
Big excitement, not much to it.
The bees are still around, despite being sprayed with chemicals.  Even in the evening and early morning they are flying around.  I can't go near, because of allergies.  Hmm.  Try Home Depot for stronger chemicals?

We'll be having a garage sale this weekend.  Since there will be changes in my house, I'm going through closets, and deciding what else can go.  Living in a house for over 30 years, one accumulates a lot of stuff, especially when one has a passion for garage sales (me)!  Well, I did limit myself to the house, refusing to consider storing things in the attic, reason being that if one person living in a house by herself can't store her stuff in said house without spilling over, she should be considered being a hoarder.
Speaking of hoarding, I had to laugh when a friend of mine said she watched a whole afternoon's worth of the hoarding show, and ended up cleaning out her kitchen!  Talk about an effective show!

More rigorous checking of my abode is required.  I have stuff in the garage, meant for donation, I'll lug it to the garage sale (which will not be at my house), and donate the left-overs later.  Making room.....


  1. Making room for what? Or should I say, who? Hmmmmm?????

  2. Keine schlechte Idee, die Sachen zu verkaufen.
    Wir bringen sowas immer in die sogenannte Umweltwerkstatt. Da können Leute für wenig Geld dann die Sachen erwerben.
    Dir viel Erfolg !
    Liebe Grüße