August 19, 2011

Unknown insect stings/bites

While putting the junk mail in the garbage early this morning, an unknown insect stung/bit me.  It hurt!  I brushed my arm off, and of course couldn't identify the culprit, who knows where in the grass it/he/she landed.
The last time I got bit/stung I ended up in the hospital, which I wanted to avoid in the worst way.  So I washed the affected elbow with soap and water, doused it with alcohol, and put an antihistamine gel on it.

And then hoped for the best, since the last time this happened, I ended up in the hospital.  I started having an allergic reaction the last time, with bumps appearing on my arms and legs, and I went to the emergency room, where I got a shot of benedryl, and was pumped full of fluids.  I didn't want to repeat the experience, and tried my best - taking an aspirin, getting antihistamine tablets, took one (and now I'm sleepy), but I am avoiding having to go to the hospital.
Oh, and of course I took my (expired) epi-pen to work with me, handed it to the good-looking guy, and asked him to please give me the shot if he found me laying on the floor and foaming at the mouth.

A wedding tomorrow.  We were invited, and we're going.
Hiking?  Somewhere along the way....
Enjoy your weekend!

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