August 18, 2011

Computer problems, part 2

The computer is in good hands.  We think it's the fan assembly, and hopefully once that is swapped out, it will work again.  A friend recommended a person living in my neighborhood who does this for a living, and he seems very competent.
The visits in MA and CT went fine.  Teddy was really happy to see me, to meet my new friend, and other than give me a big hug when I came, and another when I left, the men got to know each other.  Since they both have a lifetime of working with wood behind them, they had plenty to talk about.

I am into making gooey goodness.  M. loves a VERY sweet danish, can't find them in my neighborhood, and grumbles about it.  So I remembered my pre-diabetes  days when I tried out every sweet yeast recipe I could find once I finally figured out how to make yeast dough, and started making gooey goodness in the form of cinnamon buns.  I made a batch last night that involves a dough made with yeast and buttermilk and a few other ingredients including baking powder, and is baked like an upside down pineapple cake.  Just looking at it gives me a tooth ache.  But it is appreciated!
The last batch was shared with the relatives in MA, and they loved it as well - kids, if you read  this, may I remind you that you are skinny people and you love sticking with healthy things.  This is way too fattening for you!  (not that the MA relatives are NOT skinny, they just appreciate sticky things and know how to handle it).
We are invited for dinner tonight, we will eat with Matthew and Jessica, and their parents.  Can't wait!  Jessica requested tacos, we'll see if she gets her way.
And when the computer problems are solved, there will  be photos again!

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  1. Reading about the computer problems reminds me I need to have someone look at mine. I can not log on with my password. Stupid thing anyway, it's the only one I have! I'm needing a new desktop anyway so maybe I'll sell the laptop (at a great price)to my son who's talked of buying a new one, and get a new all in one. They
    look pretty awesome. Anyway, hope you get yours fixed.
    Sounds like a great visit with Teddy. And was he feeling better? I'll guess M liked him too..

    I'd love some home made sticky buns! But ya, better just remember the ooie gooie goodness. Tell your sweetie to enjoy his sweeties:)

    Hope dinner went well. I spent time with two of my kids and g-kids the last two weekends. We should be able to retire at 50 and just be Grama/Oma's!

    Take care and I'll comment again if I can...