August 11, 2011


Over the weekend my daughter and her husband drove to a wedding in South Carolina.  The boys were staying home with their grandmothers, who split the babysitting.  My turn came on Saturday, and let me tell you, I'd forgotten how much work a four-year-old and a one-year-old can be!  And I had help!  I didn't have to cook, or shop.  But it worked out, and how sweet it is to be with children, just the best.
The one-year-old is saying some words, like 'night-night' and choo-choo, and 'ball', and 'na-na' for banana, just great, and the four-year-old is exploring his world and his limits.  We took them to the playground, and let the little one get 'lost' in the tunnels (which luckily are large enough to allow a grandmother to crawl in after him).  When the mom came back, she told us, the little one stays in the stroller when she brings the older one to the playground!

This morning I saw a bat.  Flying - I was still early enough, it was about 5:30 AM, so it was still darkish.
I saw the egret, I saw the deer family, and they were close enough to almost touch.  They aren't skittish with me at all, I even get to say 'hello' and talk to them.  I tell them how attractive their 'children' are, and what a good-looking family they make.

And to one of my readers who asked:  no, no NJ Opa, a new addition to my life, maybe with time....

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  1. A Bat?? Cool:) they eat tons of flying bugs, like mesquitos..and that's good. Fun that you saw all the other critters too. You'll have them eating out of your hand soon!

    Love that you get to spend time with the little ones. Wish mine were closer. I'm going to Colorado again Saturday to see two of them before winter hits.

    Take care my friend and keep in touch when you can. Glad all is as it is :)