August 21, 2011

Wedding and Wasps

Last night we went to the wedding of a friend's son.  It was lovely!  The food super, the music loud, the ceremony touching and funny, the couple beaming, my friend enjoying her day, the company at the table lovely, all together fantastic.
No, not the happy couple, just us.
(Not that we're not a happy couple)
(and of course I have something green in my teeth...)
That's the happy couple and the cake
and all the glasses at our table...
The one waving is the mother of the groom, doesn't she look happy?

We had a great time.

This morning when I went outside to bring some garbage out, I got stung in the neck.  Same pesky painful bite, so I swatted at it, and went inside immediately to wash the area, and put ice on it.  Well, this time I found out what it was:  Wasps.  
So my Sir Gallahad will go outside in a minute armed with a can of wasp spray and lay waste to those suckers.  They must have a nest close by, but with my allergies I can't let them live in that spot.  I was all for letting them be, but if it comes down to them or me, I'm afraid I pick me.

It's thundering, and that means we'll have a storm soon (it always rains in August).
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Dang the wasps! Hope your Knight zapped them good:) You be careful...

    Love the picture of you two, you're so cute together and I bet this isn't the first time you've heard that either:) Nice wedding too. Everyone looks so happy, I love it!

    Ok, off the comment while I can...

  2. Handsome couple! I don´t mean the weddingcouple....Bist Du die Wespen losgeworden? Schwüle Grüsse aus dem Hunsrück!

  3. Ihr seid ein sehr nettes Paar.
    Und das Foto tat auch gar nicht weh ;-)
    Der Kuchen ist ja gewaltig, so herrlich eckig.
    Und die Mama des Bräutigams ist so richtig happy - eine Tochter dazubekommen zu haben - denke ich *lol*

    Konntet ihr die Wespen ausräuchern?
    Nicht dass deine Allergie dich umhaut.
    Dir alles, alles Gute
    deine Bärbel