August 29, 2011

post hurricane

While the hurricane roared through the area, we slept.  I woke up briefly, went to look at the trees waving in the wind, listened to the rain, and went back to bed.  Sometime during the night the electricity went out.
We woke up to rain and wind, not bad, though.  We went for a what we thought short ride around the neighborhood, which ended up a little more extensive, we got coffee, and checked out which shops where open.  We lazed around the house, decided what else we needed, went and got it, and went home again.
And waited for the power to be restored.  That happened sometime in the middle of the night, after we heard our neighbors struggling with a generator.
We did go for a walk, to my usual pond, a little bit around town,
All my kids are/were fine.

I just got back from my walk.  I only walked partway around the pond, it was still dark, and the power isn't restored in that section of town yet.  And I met another walker, who told me that the other (dark) side was strewn with debris, and that he fell twice.  No need for that!  And I feel very grateful and lucky.

Here are some fun pictures from yesterday, some from the man-made lake nearby, water spilling over the dam and kids having fun sliding down the embankment:

Doesn't that look like fun?  Okay, not the kind 'I have to mop up the basement  because there is water in it' kind of fun.
Seen on our walk yesterday:

I'm off to work!

And thank you to my little brother, who called yesterday morning from Germany to ask how we were doing, and after checking on the Internet, told us what was going on in the world, since we had no power, no Internet, no email....
And Bon Voyage to my cousin, who will be going on a cruise on Wednesday, which sound just wonderful!


  1. glad to read that you are okay!

  2. well thank god they overdid it on the warnings this time - after Katrina not a bad idea. I can't believe you all slept through it - you should have seen the news here, they made it look like Armageddon.
    Great water slides, children.

  3. Glad you're OK..isn't it amazing how kids can alwyas make the best of it..:-)

  4. Gott sei Dank, ihr seid alle heil.
    Habe mir echt Gedanken gemacht, da du doch so nahe bei NY wohnst.
    Aber außer Stromausfall und ein wenig mehr Wasser gehts euch ja blendend. Das ist wunderbar.
    Und schön, dass die Kinder ihren Spaß dran haben. Wäre ja blöd, wenn sie nun Trübsal blasen...
    Weiter alles, alles Gute
    deine Bärbel

  5. You got your electricity back quickly! I came over to see how things went in your part of NJ. Not all areas were as fortunate. It looks like you made out well. Poor Vermont. I can't believe what's happened there.

  6. sorry I take such a long time here...
    So gald you were able to sleep through Irene! And got to see someone making the best of it. Going to read other posts now:)