July 31, 2011

Hike, again - August

What a glorious day today - getting warmer, but not unbearable.  We went hiking again, in the favorite park.  For me part of the attraction is going swimming.  And not to make the Germans jealous, our weather and water is perfect for swimming.  You can just slip into the lake without a yelp because it's not cold at all.  Water silky soft and smooth, and lovely.
 We didn't swim at this spot, there were too many young people around, some of them with bee-bee guns, which put a damper on it for me.  These type of things aren't allowed in the park, but people bring them in anyway.
 A gorgeous spot, that required some climbing, and yes, I did it!
 Canadian honkers came up to the rocks, and tried to bite my toes

 in the water...
 and while trying to take a nap, a group of hikers came by, said a hasty 'sorry' and jumped right into the lake, merrily splashing us.  We beat a retreat, and hiked back to the car - it was late enough anyhow.
 The swimming spot from across the lake
 and said group of hikers
in the woods, and below:
a sweet smelling flower on a bush, which was loved by the

Oh, and anyone know the name of these flowers/bushes?
More impressions:


  1. What a beautiful hike! And, great photos :-)

  2. et leebe is schee!

  3. darf ich mal sagen dass ich deinen Blog auch liebe! Ich vermute, das ist NJOpa in den Fotos?