July 15, 2011

Summer week

Last weekend on the day we hiked, we also went to a firework in the evening.  We did have to wait until after 10 PM for the firework to start, but it was worth it.  The meadow in the little town was crowded, it also had a small midway, and the firemen, who sponsored the event, waited until the last possible moment to get the fireworks started.

Not bad, right?  No, I didn't have the patience to take these pictures, M grabbed the camera and went for it, a little Canon, and did great!  Turn off the flash and go!
We have some bird action going on at my house as well.  The little wren came back, and again made its nest right next to the deck door.  And until we got used to it, flew at us every time we went into the house.
Under the deck in the beams is a robin's nest, with gorgeous blue (my favorite color) eggs in it:

And the eggs look like this now, with it looks like only 3 babies hatched:
Since we are gone all day, and sometimes for a couple of days, the birds are mostly undisturbed.
On our wanderings, and on my morning walk (which I am skipping this morning to entertain you - anything for you), I run into this family:

I guess the whole family is in the other camera.  It's a buck, a doe, and two fawns, like a real live nuclear family!  And they really are that close to the camera.  No, we don't see any deer while hiking in a huge park.  We see them in my back yard.  Or crossing the road in my neighborhood.
We are celebrating a first birthday tomorrow!
Happy birthday, Evan!


  1. Wow..what a beautiful post! The firework pics are awesome..even when I try without the flash..they come our all shaky and weird..these are fun:-)

    Oh, Robin's blue is my very favorite color..along with a good apple green - and your nest is darling Are the babies fun to watch? We have our hummingbirds this year and it has been delightful.

    The forest photos are gorgeous..aren't the deer just amazing!

    All in perfect post!

  2. Oh..and Happy First Birthday Evan! {that's my hubby's middle name!}

  3. Oh I love your wildlife pictures. The bird's nest is just gorgeous.

  4. Oh ja, ob den Vollmond oder Feuerwerk, oder so besonders erleuchtete Städte,immer den Blitz aus.
    Trotzdem klappt das bei mir mir dem Feuerwerk nicht so toll wie bei dir. Habe ja auch eine Canon.

    Die Rehe sind bei dir in der Nähe, es ist ja der Wahnsinn. Beim Wandern nichts getroffen aber um die Ecke, lach.
    Liebe Grüße