July 26, 2011

Rain today

The walk this morning was sweaty, it looked like it was going to rain, but didn't.  Lucky me!  Very humid, but this is the East Coast of the US, and that's what summer is like.

I ran into the doe with her two bambis, the buck however was not with them - looking for another family, perhaps?
Here they are, last week:
 Isn't he handsome?
 holding still for a family portrait
Just across the street.  They could be in my garden as well,
where they will eat anything in sight.  Love hostas, love tulips (which I haven't planted in years because of this)

And here  the little robins, they've flown off since:

I will have better photos next time, they are in the other camera.
And photos from our hike last week:

Checking to see what could possibly be hiding under the root.


  1. ei wie schön! hier regnets mal wieder....leider! kennst du das lied von rudi carell? wann wirds mal wieder richtig sommer? ein sommer wie er früher einmal war.....das frag ich mich auch die ganze zeit!
    viele grüsse aus dem hunsrück!

  2. Ich werd verrückt!
    Eine Reh-Familie auf dem Parkplatz. Sowas gibts hier nicht.
    Obwohl, was uns in England alles vor dem Wagen stand, ein Schaf, Pferd mit Fohlen, usw.
    Aber Rehe auf der Straße das ist schon ungewöhnlich. Die sind doch soooo scheu.
    Rotkehlchen bei euch, ist das toll!
    Und der See, dieser große See bei eurer Wanderung, himmlich, dieser Ausblick.

  3. Haven't been able to comment on blogs for a few days! Hopefully it's fixed now....

    Love the pics you've shared and hope you're staying cool as you can. Tell Mike to be careful looking in dark places...never know what might be looking back! Just have fun:)