July 19, 2011

birthday one more time, and a hike

We celebrated one more birthday on Saturday.  Evan turned one!  Yes, it's already one year ago that he joined his brother.  His parents put on a fabulous celebration, with hay bales, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, and ice cream cake.  Evan got a whole cup cake all to himself, and loved it.
His dad worked hard to make the hand made fun signs, and my family actually made it for a family portrait, I think the last one was years ago!
 Enjoying his cupcake
 baseball among the haybales
 the chocolate pudding eating contest
 love the sign!
 balloon race
 the party
the family
 the John Deere toy tractor, which set the theme of the party
 more hand made signs over the food table
 and handmade JD sign on the shirt (by me)
and the birthday boy with his hand-applied John-Deere t-shirt
(applique by me)
Pictures and story of hike will be in my next post.
This was a great party, like the last one, for the simple reason that we were all together.

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  1. Been AWOL again but I'll try to catch up later...

    I LOVE the family picture. Seems even more complete now with Mike in the picture:)

    And what creative kids you have! Course, they get it from the amazing mom.

    Ok, gotta get to work, back soon. Miss ya...