July 12, 2011


Saturday was a little humid, but the weather was nice.  Not like today, hot and humid today, with the heat index way up there.  So Saturday we went hiking.  And it was lovely.
We only hiked about 5 plus miles all together, but had a nice swim and a nap in the middle of the hike.  Unlike my brother, when he meets two people on his hike, he won't go to that area again for years, we don't have that luxury.  The park is huge, but it's being discovered by more and more people.  While on the approach to M's favorite swimming spot, we ran into a group of 20 hikers from the Appalachian Mountain Club going for the exact same spot.  Luckily they only stayed about 15  minutes, and then moved on, leaving us to take our nap on the rocks and go for a leisurely swim.
I didn't grab the camera during our swimming pause, this is a searose covered pond we saw on the way.

And we ran into this little fellow:
And these fun looking mushrooms, however, none of which I am familiar with, so no mushroom stew for us!

Didn't know this kind either, but loved the color.
But did eat these:
On the lake we swam in was the home of the beaver:
Nope, we didn't see him/them.
Lovely overlook, right at a swamp, with mosquitoes swirling around us:
(man with yellow towel)
Love that shot of the water.
I'll be back!


  1. Really nice hike! And what were those things yo did eat? Stay away from wild mushrooms..hahaha! Lovely photos of a fun day. Thanks for taking us along..

  2. Ein Salamander, davon hatte ich damals immer das Heftchen aus dem Schuhladen.
    Ist doch einer?
    Ihr könnt alle mit den Rädern fahren, ich will auch! Aber mein Steißbein ist ein Schei...bein, das mag keine harten Unterlagen.

    Ein wunderschöner Bericht, liebe Ruth,
    deine Bärbel
    I miss you ♥

  3. I love that you two share all this beauty! Oh, and mushrooms, swims and naps:) Glad you got to do it alone...

    How odd that your brother does that. But I can understand not wanting to share with others sometimes. I'm not a crowd person at all.

    Send me more info and pictures when you have time again. And keep doing what you're doing:) I'm so happy for the changes in your life...

  4. wie romantisch! uuuuuh! ;-)
    freut mich sehr! ganz viele grüsse aus dem hunsrück! K&D